Friday, January 15, 2016

Staging Logs at Perdido

River Resources owner - LD Henderson -- is shown here with some of the early log removals from the Perdido.  The Perdido is on the border of Florida and Alabama.  Over a year of negotiations, certifications, license approval and government and private coordination was required to reach this point.  There are many different markets for the various selections of the trees. Mr. Henderson is working with buyers from several different end-use markets.  FOR MORE PHOTOS THIS DAY - CLICK.

 While the Perdido River at Ruby's Fish Camp on Highway 90  is the initial effort.  Other take-out locations are already in line for the next phase.

Buyers will have a good supply to choose from. Some buyers will want the whole log. Others will want "CANTS" which are pre-sawed 10x10 rough cuts. Some will want pre-cut lumber.

Henderson is prepared to address these markets and even the decorative architect market for the rough - driftwood look.
 While some of the wood has blemishes -
it does not reduce the market.  There are also markets for the blemished wood because of the interesting patterns and artistic opportunities.
River Resources also takes the stumps when reasonable to do so.  These have markets of their own, from decorative driftwood to furniture making in the "wild" style.

Environmentalists will be happy to know there will be plenty of wild-fall left in the rivers for fish cover and bank protection. After big storms like IVAN (the terrible) the useful wild-fall for natural river biology is exceeded by a thousand percent.

This shot looks past the staging area for stumps and driftwood down to the landing near Ruby's. The property here is County owned. It is next to the new recreational boat ramps off Hwy 90, being installed by Escambia County. In a few days, water levels permitting - the Railroad Trestle at Barrineau Park will be addressed.

More logs were added the next week.

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  1. L D I love ❤ your hat. If anyone can anyone can make those different types of wood look awesome then L D is the man for the job. My brother in law is the best. He's the finest,man I know ๐Ÿ˜Š.