Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Recent Report from North Escambia News


This report reflects some of the frustration involved in achieving results for the public with logjam removal on the Escambia River -- and other rivers in the area.

The following comment was added to reflect some of the issues at hand.  Hope springs eternal the logjams will eventually be history.

There are some misunderstandings here in both some comments and some in the article. (A) There was NEVER a contract paying out for logjam removal. Removers pay for a time sensitive permit to have access to the resource . (B) The river is heavily protected by the DEP and about five other agencies – federal, state and county. (Permits and training certificates are in force) (C) Southern Forest Products folded over a year ago. (cost and partnership issues) . The key operator, LD Henderson now operates under River Resources is now clearing on the Perdido under PAID PERMITS. . It is equipment and labor intensive but yes, it can be profitable if volumes of material are removed.
The permits require HEAVY attention to environmental issues. Using a farm sawmill and work boats, Henderson is making increasing progress on the Perdido. If permits are still available later on the Escambia, he will return after the Perdido is well underway. Henderson is taking stumps and logs which BOTH have markets for the resource.
UNREGISTERED – NON PERMITTED private individuals have consistently taken logs out of the jams. Some of this is not economically damaging but for someone insured and permitted (at a cost) to do this – an excess of log removal by unlicensed opportunists is a problem. No TAXPAYER or other money is paying for this. In fact – the loggers are paying for permits and insurance, etc.
AND YES, it is complex to do with weather, river levels and equipment at all levels. Bear in mind THESE PERMITS only address TOP of water wild-fall. A whole separate set of permits regulates the fascinating “deadhead” harvest.
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