Sunday, January 10, 2016

Perdido From The Air

We had a chance to do some aerial recon of several rivers just after the big late 2015 rain. The longer rivers were still swollen quite a bit but some logjams do show up. The Perdido is a fast draining river, with less watershed, so it returns to normal stage fairly quickly. The logjams are evident in the photos.  An agreement with Escambia County, FL and Ruby's Fish Camp allow for some critical log removal near the Hwy 90 bridge into Alabama.

We want to thank The County for helping us get the necessary permits and landing agreements in place for the public lands. A new landing and park area is being developed there by the county and we are using a bit of land away from the new public area but near Ruby's Fish camp for the log removal.  We also want to thank Ruby's Fish Camp for the smooth cooperation to make this process go smoothly.  There were some delays from the rain but this landing and other landings on this river will soon be in use to take out logs.

We are also appreciative of the Blue Knights chapter in Milton, Florida - who provided a flight gift certificate to use from the AMS Flight School.

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