Friday, May 1, 2015

Perdido Trails in Development

There are well over 40 miles of river with several major log jams in this pristine Perdido River stream. When cleaned up and trails laid on the Alabama side - this Florida / Alabama border River will be an outdoor paradise.  Southern River Loggers is proud to be a part of this rejuvenation of natural resources to benefit the people of our region. Enjoy this film - showing some of the trails already marked off and partially cleared for future hikers.  Both trails and river debris will be removed by SRL ...

Here are the people on top of the trails. HIKEALABAMA.ORG


  1. I noticed you guys have a blog, so ill pate my comment from youtube over here. hope to see you at the meeting!

    Hi, looks like you stumbled on what will one day be the Alabama Trail. The AHTS (Alabama Hiking Trail Society) is clearing and blazing the trail along the Perdido river. The trail is blazed In yellow as seen in your video. This is part of a future trail that will cross the entire state of Alabama north to south. We have partnered with Forever Wild to build trails on quite a few of their properties. See, or shoot me a message for more info. If your interested, the AHTS meets at the Five Rivers complex in Spanish Fort the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm. Coincidentally, I believe Chris Smith or Doug Deaton from Forever Wild will be at our next meeting. We'd love to have you guys join too. Hope to see you there!

  2. Thanks for contacting. My email is I am Vic Campbell. I am tech assist fit Mr Henderson. We will want to put this in our schedule. Do keep us posted. I'll hit the website now.