Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tools of The Trade - THE SAW Blades

 In the timber business it is helpful to have a very strong affection for the saw blades.  It is the heart of the efficient operation.  The blades will be made for a particular brand and model of saw. They have to fit perfectly. Saw makers keep specific files on individual pieces of machinery for decades so blades can be made to specifications at any time. Each double coil of blades shown here will "unfold" to a much wider oval that can reach across a log. After a number of hours cutting, the blades must be resharpened. Often, blades are sharpened, tensioned and balanced to assure the very best possible cutting efficiency. It turns out, saw sharpening is both science and art.  Mr. Ray Griffin, near Jack's Branch in Molino is one of those who can make a saw "sing".


LD Henderson and Ray Griffin

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